Swakopmund traffic circles a waiting disaster

The eastern-most traffic roundabout, on the B2 at the eastern entry of Swakopmund, was the scene of yet another truck accident.

The turning circle of the circle is very narrow, it is believed. In several incidents over the past few years heavy laden trucks become unstable when they take the turn, resulting in it tipping over or losing their load.
In this incident the truck carried marble blocks. The blocks fell off as the truck took the narrow turn.
The marble blocks caused an obstruction in the road and traffic had to be re-routed. Residents of Swakopmund feel these circles are too narrow for trucks to us. Since the accident there was an outcry for the local authority to take the matter up with the Roads Authority of Namibia which bears responsibility for this stretch of the road.
Others again are of opinion some truck drivers are entering the circle at high speed and some trucks are poorly loaded and are unstable.

There is also concern about truck drivers opting to use the B2 coastal road via Swakopmund to Walvis Bay. With the new dual lane highway completed behind the dunes, many feel the traffic authority of Swakopmund and the Namibian Police need to compel trucks to use this new road and avoid the B2 coastal road. They suspect truck operators choose the B2 coastal road in order to avoid the weigh bridge at Walvis Bay’s eastern entry point (airport road).

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