Swakopmund traffic officer nabbed for soliciting bribe

A traffic officer of the Swakopmund municipality applied for bail in the town’s magistrate’s court yesterday, following his arrest earlier this month for soliciting a bribe from an unlicensed taxi driver.

The owner of a taxi in Swakopmund allegedly on 2 July this year requested officer Namiseb to confiscate a taxi from a taxi driver, after an operator’s agreement went sour.
The owner of the vehicle explained to officer Namiseb the driver of the taxi is not honouring payment and was also unlicensed.
It is further alleged officer Namiseb pulled over the taxi driver, impounded the vehicle and detained the driver at the Swakopmund police station.
Namiseb then requested the taxi driver to pay him N$2 000 and in exchange he would release the impounded vehicle and not carry out a for-mal arrest [of the driver].
The driver was released to go and fetch the N$2 000. He instead reported the matter to the Namibia Taxi Association, which in turn referred him to the Anti-Corruption Commission.
A sting operation was set up, and on the same day on 2 July Namiseb was arrested for corruption. He made a first appearance in the Swakopmund magistrate’s court on 5 July, and bail was refused on account the investigation into the incident first had to be completed.
Namiseb made a second appearance in the Swakopmund magistrate’s court yesterday

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