Swakopmund traffic official gets slap on the pulse for dismissable behaviour

Eyebrows are rising over a Swakopmund traffic official who supposedly came off the hook with a mere warning, after she was found guilty in a disciplinary hearing earlier on four counts of assault, one count of bringing the municipality of Swakopmund’s name into disrepute, one count of causing damage to private property and poor timekeeping.

The charges stem from an incident on 20 December 2016 and several incidents thereafter during which the said traffic official went into angry rages, accusing another woman of a sexual relationship with her husband. The victim who was accused of the sexual relationship was allegedly repeatedly assaulted, a door was kicked in. The victim was thrown with a bunch of keys and she was threatened with further physical harm including murder.
The disciplinary hearing concluded on 7 March this year. A recommendation was forwarded to the local authority the traffic official be dismissed.
A document provided to namib times confirms that a disciplinary hearing took place against the mentioned traffic official. The hearing took place on 1 February this year. On 9 March the official was informed she was found guilty of these charges. She was given until 15 March to appeal.
The victim in the meantime had to learn with shock and dismay the traffic official was never dismissed, as per the recommendation, but instead received a warning only.
The traffic official allegedly arrived at the victim’s workplace on Saturday and informed her: “I am back and in uniform”.
Yesterday, the municipality of Swakopmund’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, Mr Marco Swartz was only willing to confirm the traffic official is back at work. It was not clear whether Mr Swartz was aware of Saturday’s incident in which this official seemingly persists with her conduct.

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