Swakopmunders celebrate the town’s 125th anniversary

Swakopmund turned 125 years old on Friday. The town’s 125th anniversary celebrations commenced with an opening ceremony on Friday, 4 August at 10:30, at the Amphitheatre.
The event was opened by Governor of Erongo, Clr Cleophas Mutjavikua who said the day was not only a birthday celebration, but a celebration of cultural diversity and remembering the history of Swakopmund.
“We are celebrating transformation, from narrow salt roads to paved roads, from small mini-markets to world class shopping malls, from segregated townships to unified suburbs. Even in death (cemeteries) our people were separated. Today we cater for all our people. This is what we are celebrating today as a milestone” said Mutjavikua.
Clr Mutjavikua added one cannot talk about the history of Swakopmund without mentioning the concentration camps where Namibians endured inhuman torturing and killings. “Today the Swakopmund memorial park is dotted with unmarked graves which signifies the fight against the colonialist and imperialist”.
The Governor also took a moment to reflect on the murder last Wednesday of an elderly lady, Rosvieta Strzelecki in her home in Vineta by intruders. Clr Mutjavikua said the news of the murder came as a shock wave to the ears of Swakopmunders. He outright condemned the murder and also rejected all forms of criminality in the Erongo Region.
The governor further said Erongo region is looking forward to growth in the tourism sector, of which Swakopmund most often is the focus point for tourists and visitors.
At the opening on Friday there were food stalls, businesses stalls, arts & crafts stalls, a beverages tent, storytelling, traditional sports, musicians, jumping castles, and many more.
There were also performances by an Oshiwambo group from Festus Gonteb, performances by a Baster group from Namib Primary school, a Damara group from Vrede Rede and also performances by a German group from Namib Primary school. The performances by these groups from the different schools signified the town’s cultural diversity. The official event ended in a moment of silence when all residents rose and silently listened to church bells ringing across the town. Celebration ended on Saturday evening.

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