Swakopmund’s first-goat Paulina has two lambs

Swakopmund Mayor Paulina Nashilundo pays courtesy visit to her namesake.
Swakopmund Mayor Paulina Nashilundo on Friday paid a courtesy visit to her namesake, a she-goat which was donated by Councillor Uahimisa Kaapehi at last year’s Mayoral Development Fund Fundraising gala dinner. And there was so much reason for this courtesy visit: Paulina the goat recently gave birth to twins, Paultjie and Paulinatjie.
Paulina has become a famous goat and thanks to a unique idea by Riaan Coetzee, the animal is expected to generate more funds in future for the Mayoral Development Fund.
During the courtesy visit Mayor Nashilundo said the goat was donated by Kaapehi on 25 November 2016. On the same occasion, the goat was baptised as Paulina and auctioned with Riaan Coetzee from Namibia Construction closing the bid at N$2 500.
Since then, Paulina has been accommodated on a plot outside Swakopmund.
Much to everyone’s surprise Paulina gave birth to twins on 20 July this year [a she-goat and a billy-goat]. The twins were appropriately named Paultjie and Paulinatjie after their famous mother.
“Instead of slaughtering the animal, we decided to use Paulina to raise money for the Mayoral Development Fund on a regular basis,” Coetzee explains.
He proposed an auction be held every three months with the highest bidder receiving temporary ownership over Paulina and one the of the lambs, until the next round of bidding. The money generated will be donated to the Mayoral Development Fund, while the winning bidders’ names will be engraved in a special neck brace made for Paulina. Despite new ownership, the goat[s] will remain on the plot where they know best to do what they need to do: being goats.
The idea was well-received and the first round of bidding is expected to take place soon. More information on this unique auction will be made on the website of the municipality of Swakopmund soon.
Money raised for the Mayoral Development Fund is utilised to assist families, individuals and organisations in Swakopmund in areas of sport and recreation; health and education; arts & crafts; environment and community; and should any catastrophic events occur.
The billy-goat lamb [male], Paultjie, will not be auctioned and belongs to the person currently looking after all three goats.
The “landlord” wishes to remain anonymous. Paulina and her female lamb, Paulinatjie will be auctioned regularly.

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