Swakopmund’s first high-rise building at the Mole

The new development on the old municipal swimming pool erf at the Mole received generally positive reviews when it was presented to the public on Friday at the Swakopmund municipality. “Sur la Plage” will include the first high-rise building to be constructed in the coastal town.
The development “Sur la Plage” will consist of three buildings, revealed Dr Jacko Koen, Managing Director of the developer Jimmey Construction. Koen added although the development is presented as part of a public scoping exercise, it has not yet been approved by the Aesthetics Committee.
According to Koen the main building to be constructed is located on the sea front of the erf and will feature ten stories (height of close to 40 meters). The two remaining buildings, known as the North Block and South Block, will be constructed behind the main building on the eastern side of the property. Each will feature eight stories (height of close to 30 meters).
Below the ground level, the developer envisages a parking garage. The ground floor of the development will house public amenities, including public restrooms, ablution facilities, an ice cream shop and three restaurants. Jimmey Construction will also beautify and modernise the current play park, located between the erf and the museum.
The main building constructed on the eastern side will feature apartments, catering for various aspects of the market. There will be one-bedroom studio apartments on offer as well as bigger units and penthouse apartments on the top floor.
The South Block will include a hotel component and more apartments.
Should all approvals be granted, the construction of “Sur la Plage” might commence as soon as the first quarter of 2018.
“This is only a proposal of the development. The plans still need to be approved”, Koen reiterated. Adding during construction between 500 and 600 temporary jobs will be created.
The first design of “Sur la Plage”, which was presented to the public in 2015, was initially designed by architect Deidre de Waal. The new design was drawn up by H&C Architects.
During Friday’s scoping exercise the development received generally positive reviews. Some residents commented that such a development will enhance Swakopmund and is something long overdue. Others commented on the size and height of the buildings, which would change the image of the town forever.
The new Town Planning Amendment Scheme No. 12, which was approved by Town Council in September 2016, makes provision for high-rise buildings. Where in the past developers were not allowed to build structures exceeding 13 meters in height (16 meters with additional consent from Council), this has been amended to 40 meters.
∙namib times understands that the scheme has not yet been approved by the line minister.

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