Swakopmund’s new CEO takes office

The Swakopmund Council welcomed Mr Archie Benjamin on Monday, the new Chief Executive Officer for Swakopmund. From the outset Mr Benjamin said he is willing to listen and is open to exchange ideas with Councillors, management and staff.
In his very first speech as CEO of Swakopmund, Benjamin said he is cognisant that the opportunity which was granted to him to lead the Swakopmund Council team was not an easy decision. “I pledge my whole-hearted dedication and commitment in realising Council’s vision. I am looking forward to join your dynamic team and in doing so ensuring the city’s continued growth”.
Benjamin further said: “I am aware that we face bigger challenges which we need to address with the same vigor. I am willing to put myself to work with Council, management and staff, to make this city even greater.
What I do not know I am willing to learn”. Adding in the next few days he will be consulting widely, both internal and external.
“I have ideas of my own and I believe that if we are achieving the ideas/strategic goals we have set we need everyone on board, we need team work.
Yes, we will agree on some issue and disagree on others. But, that is why we chose democracy as a system. We need each other! From the Mayor to the guy sweeping the streets, from tourists to the resident”, said Benjamin.
Pictured above: Swakopmund Chief Executive Officer Archie Benjamin seen in his new office at the Swakopmund Municipality yesterday.

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