Swapo vs Affirmative Repositioning Movement

namib times 31 july 2015


Mr Philipus Heita, the Swapo Regional coordinator and Deputy Secretary for Security and Safety in the Erongo Region, yesterday stressed that anybody who are associated (part of) the Affirmative Repositioning (AR) cannot be a member of the Swapo Party, as they do not share the same aim and objectives.

Heita made this remark at a Swapo consultative meeting at Swakopmund, where he also gave feedback on the Swapo Central Committee’s meeting, which took place last week in Windhoek.

At yesterday’s gathering he also noted that it is expected from Swapo leaders and activists to play their part in mobilising the electorate, in order to ensure an “overwhelming victory” in the 2015 Regional and Local Authority Elections, set for the end of this year. At the Central Committee meeting it was decided that the Swapo Party will discontinue further engagement with the AR and to suspend four members of the Swapo Youth League, namely Job Amupanda, Dimbulukweni Nauyoma and George Kambala, as well as the Youth League’s secretary, Dr Elijah Ngurare. Furthermore it was concluded that the Namibian Government should accelerate the implementation of the programmes aimed at addressing the land issue and continue to engage the AR.

Heita emphasised the fact that the reason for the suspension of the four Youth League members was solely because of ill-discipline from their side. He also remarked, “allegations that Local Authorities only supplying their families and friends with land should be followed up, as all Namibians should be provided with land, and not by means of nepotism.”

He concluded by stating that Swapo membership is open to anybody, out of free will, as long as they accept the aim and objectives of the Party.


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