Tackle noise pollution at Churches

Rudi Bowe

The Police at Walvis Bay recently met with church leaders over the problem of excessive noise during church services.

The meeting was called after a recent article in the media which highlighted police concerns over noisy church services particularly in Kuisebmond. Many residents are frustrated as these services go on well into the night with loud music over loud-speakers and pastors adding to the noise when they deliver sermons by microphone.
Church leaders pro-actively formed a committee to liaise with the Namibian Police on issues where churches infringe on community rights.
These leaders are Stephanus Filipus, Joel Gawanab, Samson Hamukoto, Gretha Taylor and Hildegard Awases. At the meeting with the Police they were introduced as committee members and expressed resolve to enhance understanding between churches, the Police and the wider community.
In the meantime all Pentecostal churches in Walvis Bay took it among themselves to register as a forum and liaise with the Police on an ongoing basis to ensure noise levels are reduced. At a previous meeting already the leaders asked to be forgiven for the noise issue.
Churches also need to integrate into community structures as far as public order is concerned, it was said at the meeting.
Warrant officer Ileni Shapumba, who is the Unit Commander for Community Affairs in Erongo during the meeting urged churches to lead by example. He added the community has the right to complain over issues affecting their living environment and that include churches over noise pollution.

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