Tamariskia community hall – temporary Covid-facility opens on Monday…

The Tamariskia Town Hall will be ready to accommodate its first Covid-19 patients on Monday (12 July 2021).

Equipment is arriving. The facility, which will serve as a temporary facility for Covid-19 patients awaiting a place in a hospital, will start with 15 beds, and prospects that five more will be added. There will also be specialised beds equipped with patient monitoring equipment, in a setting with proper and clean linen and regular meals.
The facility will be free of charge to patients, for both patients waiting to be admitted to a private or state medical facility.
“We have many people without medical aid. Others are stressed out about the pandemic and how it would affect them if they contract the virus. This facility adds additional comfort to the public that the pandemic is met head-on and that a facility with nurses, volunteers and proper medical equipment is at their disposal even if they don’t have money”, says Erongo Regional Councillor Ciske Howard Smith whose Ciske’s Covid Task Force is heading the project.
Smith-Howard urged people who feel symptoms associated with Covid-19 to get tested and to get to a medical practitioner without delay. Admittance to the facility can only be facilitated with a doctor’s referral, Smith-Howard added.

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