Tax fraudsters out on bail

8 of the 13 accused for defrauding the Walvis Bay office of the Receiver of Revenue of N$2,220 781-16 was awarded bail earlier this week.

It is alleged that 4 officials of Inland Revenue forged Pay as You Earn (PAYE 5) certificates in the names of some twenty one family and friends between April 2013 and November 2016, resulting in undeserved tax refunds. Investigations were done by police leading to 13 arrests. Bail was refused with their first appearance before Magistrate Vicky Nikolaidis. All of the 13 accused appeared before Magistrate Rhivermo Williams on Tuesday for bail application, bail of N$10 000 each was awarded to Morné Feris, Willemina Visagie, Quinton Matthews, Marlon Prins, Roselli Leonardo, Velnancio Muller, Patrick Titus and Lukas Shailemo. Inland Revenue officials; Henry Visagie, Jaqueline Imbili, Michael Maclobo, Anna Mutilifa and Jeanette Garoes still remains in custody.

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