Taxi fare increases by N$1 for Swakopmund

The taxi fare in Swakopmund has officially increased with N$1 as from 1 January. This was announced yesterday by Mr Simon Kambwa (pictured), the local representative of mini bus- and taxi operators in the Erongo Region. Kambwa said it is important to communicate the message of the increase in the fare promptly to avoid misunderstandings between taxi drivers and passengers.

“There has been a lot of confusion and tensions between taxi drivers and passengers since the decision of increasing Swakopmund taxi fare to N$10. The decision was taken so that the taxi fare in all towns of Namibia can be the same, which is N$10.
Passengers should also be advised that the charges of being dropped off at home and all the other related charges remain the same until further notice. We learnt there are taxi drivers charging more for people who wish to be dropped off at home. This should not be the case.
In Swakopmund, if you are going up to your home, the taxi driver should only charge you N$15 especially to locations such as Mondesa, DRC, Tamariskia and town. Vineta charges the same” said Kambwa”.
According to him the tariff list which states that the taxi fare in Swakopmund went up by N$1 was issued on 1 January this year. So it is official that taxi fare is now N$10 in Swakopmund and passengers should not expect change of N$1 if they give N$10.
He further said that he would like to encourage the passengers to make use of dropping zones and effectively respect the queue system which was introduced at Mondesa Taxi Rank, he said it is a first come first service situation at Mondesa Taxi Rank and passengers should respect that. “Passengers should please make use of the dropping zones which were provided for their use and should only stop taxi’s while standing at dropping zones and not just in the middle of the road or on a highway” emphasized Kambwa.

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