Taxi Fares Adjustments in Walvis Bay

Rudi Bowe

The Namibia Bus and Taxi Association (NABTA) approved the public transport fee increase on Wednesday 1 December 2021.

The increase will be with immediate effect as the National Secretary General of NAPTA Pendapala Nakathingo already made the announcement in October 2021.
The increase comes after the government rejected NAPTA’s request to increase bus and taxi fares to Covid-19 prices. This means taxis are now charging N$13 per single trip from one taxi rank to another, and double price from a taxi rank to non-taxi ranks or up to residential areas.
The Taxi fares to the Natis offices, Kuiseb Train Station, Industrial Station, Welwitchia Hospital, Shanghai Club, Tutaleni at Residential, New house at Residential, Mass Housing at Home, Kobe Flat Inside, Narraville All Place at Home, Oshivelo Driver Inside, Factories, Wambo Beach, Coca-Cola, Single Lift- Fisheries, Inside habour (jet) small Jet, Circle Industrial, Fish Consumption, Apolo House, Namport) Port of Walvis Bay, New houses behind Independence Service Station, Etosha and Meersig are N$26.
To the Dumping Site and Walvis Bay Prison the taxi fee is N$32 and to the Diary it is N$38. Namport inside and Port SF Namibia (up to the boat inside) salt are N$55.

Areas outside the town of Walvis Bay:
The taxi fees from Walvis Bay to Langstrand and Dolphin Beach will remain unchanged.
Walvis Bay – Swakopmund 30km N$50
Walvis Bay – Swakopmund home N$63
Swakopmund –Walvis Bay Prison N$63

Taxis for hire (Special Bookings) prices:
Walvis Bay –Swakopmund N$200
Rooikop – N$100
Airport – N$130
Dolphin Beach – N$130
Langstrand – N$130
Rooi Bank (gravel) Utuseb School – N$350

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