Ten arrested for massive tax refund fraud scheme at Walvis Bay Receiver

Ten people made first appearances in the Walvis Bay magistrate’s court in the last days of 2016, following their arrest for an N$2,220 781-16 fraud scheme uncovered at the Walvis Bay office of the Receiver of Revenue [Department of Inland Revenue – Ministry Of Finance].

Two of the suspects are employed by the Receiver. A third employee of the Receiver [to become the 11th accused] is still at large. She was identified as Jeanet Garoes. She is urged to give herself over to the nearest police station.
The accused are: taxation officer Henry Visagie of the Ministry Of Finance’s Walvis Bay Office as well as his spouse Willemina Visagie. Both were denied bail by Magistrate Vicky Nikolaidis. The other accused, who were also denied bail are: Morné Feris, Jaqueline Imbili, Quinton Matthews and Marlon Prins, Roselli Leonardo, Michael McLobo, Velnancio Muller and Patrick Titus.
The accused officials of Inland Revenue allegedly between April 2013 and November 2016 forged Pay as You Earn (PAYE 5) certificates in the names of some twenty one family and friends, resulting in undeserved tax refunds.
More arrests are most likely to follow, as an investigation into the incident is still ongoing.

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