Ten months jail time for thugs who broke into tourist’s car

You do the crime, you do the time. The message is clear now that crimes against tourists and other visitors to Namibia will no longer be tolerated. You are guaranteed of a prison sentence if convicted.
The three thugs, who were recently found guilty of breaking into a South African tourist’s vehicle parked next to the lagoon in Kovambo Nujoma Drive in Walvis Bay, were on Friday sent to jail for ten months. There was no option of a fine.
Immanuel Junior (28), Ian Harding (26) and Herold Ipinge (29) were served swift justice, as the break-in occurred less than a month ago.
The prison sentences follows only weeks after another man was sent to jail for six months for snatching a tourist’s back pack in Walvis Bay’s central business district.
Crimes against tourists will hurt Namibia’s international image as a visitor-friendly country. The tourism sector is also one of the biggest employers in the country and a catalyst for both local- and overseas investment and can simply not be compromised by criminals.

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