Ten more mullet right holders introduced…

A total of five existing mullet rights were renewed and ten new rights were announced by the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources. The Ministry made the list public on Tuesday.
The rights that were renewed were for: Kashoona Fishing (Mullecuda Fishing cc); Jalulu Investment (L. Seplani); William Fishing CC (W. Smeda); Penny Lane Fishing (A.D. Barends) and W.M. Stemmet.
The new right holders are: Picta Fishing; Atlantic Seeroos; Dipalamo Fishing; Kate Holdings; L.Y.G. Fishing; Millenium Fishing; Mirabilis Fish Processing and Production; Okankoro Fishing and Taluta Investment.
Pictured above: mullet (harders) landed at the Walvis Bay lagoon (file photo).

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