Tender closed for salvage of “Fukuseki Maru”

World-renowned Nick Sloane Possibly part o this project

Floris Steenkamp

Local diving and salvage operator, Walvis Bay Diving and Salvage, confirmed this week it has teamed up with world renowned marine salvage expert Nick Sloane for a tender project to salvage the wreck of the Japanese tuna fishing vessel, Fukuseki Maru, which ran aground near the mouth of the Ugab River in March 2018.

The tender closed at the end of May and a process to award the tender has been embarked upon by the insurer of Fukuseki Maru, PNI-Japan.
Sloane (56), oversees the operations of Resolve Marine Group in Europe, the Middle-East and Africa and is known for his pioneering work to salvage the wreck of the passenger liner Costa Concordia which ran aground in the Mediterranean ranean on 12 January 2012 resulting in the deaths of 32 people.
Walvis Bay Diving and Salvage expressed satisfaction yesterday with is international partner and added several other Namibian salvage service providers are also on-board for the project.
Sloane developed a unique plan to first pull the Costa Concordia upright and then re-floated her.
With regard to the Fukuseki Maru, the vessel ran aground and is wedged between underwater rocks more than one mile offshore.
The salvage would pose a number of challenges, it was explained yesterday and would need the services of heavy lift helicopters to first clear the ship from all items that is removable. With the hull then empty like a fish tin, it would then be dismantled and also transported ashore.
The wreck is located 15km south of the Ugab River mouth.
Note: The Directorate of Maritime Affairs (DMA) already issued a wreck removal notice several months ago. The notice compelled the insurer of the Fukuseki Maru, PNI Japan, to invite tenders for the salvage work. The tender closed at the end of May.

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