Thank you to all involved in yet another Penguin Rescue

Eileen van der Schyff

Another four penguins were rescued since the namib times covered the story of Daisy, the penguin, a couple of weeks ago. A very undernourished and oil covered Daisy was rescued at Tiger Reef in Swakopmund on 10 June this year. After she was taken in, cleaned and fed, she gained her strength back and was flown to Lüderitz and released back into the wild near Halifax island, almost a month after her rescue.
The four newly rescued penguins were found two weeks ago between Sandwich Harbour and Walvis Bay and after being cleaned from oil, are currently recuperating at the residence of Mr Boorman and Dr. Dantu, the same people who rescued and nurtured Daisy. Mr. Boorman and Dr. Dantu run a halfway house for penguins in Swakopmund.They would like to thank the following sponsors:
Hansa Hotel for 10 Boxes of Pilchards
Ms Elgin Ritter of Ritter Safari Adventures CC for 5 Boxes of Pilchards Anonymous Donor for 4 boxes of Pilchards
Ms Karin Lohmann for 5 Boxes of Pilchards
Cymot sponsored rescue transport boxes which they are planning to offer to coastal tour operators to carry in case they come across a penguin in trouble.
Christine & Mark from Wabi Lodge and as Ms Elisabeth Knobloch donated to a fund administered by the Namibia Bird Club for the rescue of penguins.
Hansa Hotel would like to ask/challenge other hospitality and tourism organisations to also donate Pilchards. Contact Maike Lohmann at Hansa Hotel (+264 64 414 200) for details.

If anyone would like to donate to this good cause, underneath the banking details and kindly send a copy of the deposit to

Namibia Bird Club
First National Bank
Maerua Mall
Branch Code 282273
Call Account 62241376898
Reference SSRPR

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