Thanks to these efforts a beautiful garden is taking shape at the Swakopmund state hospital

Sharlien Tjambari

A garden with trees and beautiful plants in front of the Swakopmund state hospital is gaining momentum, thanks to the initiative and dedication of a group of volunteers.

Plants and trees in green spaces visible from hospital bedroom windows have been found to be beneficial to human emotions. It assists in the healing and recovering processes of patients. Overlooking greenery enhances calmness, relieves stress and children perform better at school when they have a view of trees and green spaces. Therefore also important for children to play outside and for patients and the elderly to make time every day to walk or sit in the garden, park or any other green zones. Plants in the house are also having a positive effect on family life and provides a laid back and calm atmosphere for children to grow up and inter-relations among family members.

A number of volunteers in Swakopmund have embarked upon the project of planting trees and plants at the Swakopmund state hospital last year. They explained they need community input to beautify the outer surrounding of the hospital. One man who preferred anonymity explains: “We planted a few plants at the main entrance to the hospital, because it was not looking pretty at all. A dry lawn was more or less it.
We bought the plants from our own pockets and there were a few people that helped out with a plant or two”. Adding the project has now grown to a level where the input of the wider community is needed urgently. “Please donate plants and come and help us with the project”, he said.
Anyone who wants to donate plants can deliver it to the reception at the state hospital or at the Namib Times offices at Swakopmund. If you want to become involved beyond donating plants, kindly leave your name and number at the hospital reception or the Namib Times office in Swakopmund.

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