The 2019 Walvis Bay Golf Invitational

The 2019 Walvis Bay Golf Invitational took place on Saturday with sport celebrities Jaques Burger, Schalk Burger (Sr.), Paul Harris and D Hayes as guests of honour.

The tournament in all aspects set a trend for similar future events which had the main aim of raising funds for the Walvis Bay Golf Club. A word of congratulations to Pieter Fox (Jr.) and his team who worked hard behind the scenes to make this day the enjoyable event it was, sponsors who pulled out all the stops to make things happen, players (a total of 90!) and their families who supported the 2019 Walvis Bay Golf Invitational.
All the teams fared well on the day, but as it is in sport there can only be one winner and those who had equal point scores had to submit to the results of the count out.

BPO Logistics: M. Polster, D. Benson and I Polster.
WB Mica: W. Breytenbach, P. Poggenpoel and W. de Wet.
Bachmus Oil: W. Krogh, D. Marx and K. Burger.
Gouveia Properties: J. Grobler, F. Grobler and J. Burger.
Ships Man: R. Clark, J. Paschke and A. Alchin.
Namib Diesel & Rentals: A: E. Vilbert, K. de Reuck and R. Vijoen.
King Price: L. Kotze, W. van der Merwe and J. J. Fourie.
WBM: D. Hayes; W. van Wijk and K. Brits.
LSS: T. Wolf, S. Jacksch and M. Roux.
Nam Ship Chandlers: P. Sham, A. Sardinha and M. Barros.
Eiger Marine: P. Harris, G. Mather and P. Fox (Jr.)
Rennies Travel: E. Vilbert (Jr.), C. Gibson and W. Els.
Dewro Transport: K. Heinz, F. Champion and D. Kock.
SSG Joinery: S. Gawanab, B. Gawanab and E. Geinub.
GPG Branding: G. Olivier (Sr.), G. Olivier (Jr.) and J. Greef.
Cavema: C. Couveia, W. van Zyl and B. Louw.
Manica: J. Marais, G. Kok and N. Theron.
Meridian: K. Wentzel, J. Mather and G. Breedt.
Nawalela & Ana’s Inn: A. Burger, P. van Niekerk and H. Franken.
Namib Diesel & Rentals B: J. de Wit, B. Grobbelaar and S. Westerdale.
MC Tuin: JP. Visser, B. Venter, F. Terblanche.
Rock Joiners: S. Burger Sr., A. van Rensburg and Q. van Wyk.
Freddies Fisheries: W. Hart, H. Smidt and D. Hayes.
Gendev: H. Crafford, C. Muller and T. de Wet.
Multisave: N. Sardinha, J. Sardinha and K. Potgieter.
DZ Golf: D. Zwiebel, S. Salt and P. Alves.

And the top six are…

Jaans’ Team: Jaans Stander, Günther Heitman and Pieter Heunis. Total of 60 points.
Jason’s Team: Kobus du Plooy, Johnny Georges and Wynand Moller. Total of 59 points.
Niche Guesthouse: Bertie Coetzee (Sr.), Bertie Coetzee (Jr.) and T. Alberts. Total of 57 points.
MTC: José de Brito, E. Dorgeloh and José Reyero. Total 56 points (winner of the count out).
Merlus: Herman Neethling, M. Neethling and Piet Burger. Total 56 points.
Bay Wash: Rene Bosman, Pikkie Champion and Danie van Antwerpen. Total 56 points (lowest of the count out).

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