The 2019 WBPHS Valedictory



The Valedictory Service is about saying farewell. In our con-text you lift your Anchor at WBPHS and take it forward to let it down at another destination.

You have spent five years or more here at WBPHS. Some of you have parents or grandparents who have been schooled here and we know that there is a deep sense of reverence for the values of the school.
The class of 2019 are quite a remarkable group of young men and women that have been well led by John, Michelle, Victor and Sue-Melle, and you have stuck together. As a group you celebrate the intellectuals, the artists, the humanitarians and the “Naartjie” spirit.
Humility, faith and integrity characterised your time at WBPHS. Your consistent hard work will be rewarded. You have supported one another and helped each other succeed in your years at WBPHS.
You are prepared for the next stage of your life. You will benefit from what you learned here. The friendships you have made will last a lifetime. All hope is that you will continue to provide support and encouragement to each other in future endeavours.
Make your choices carefully and skilfully. Make use of opportunities. Find stability.
Parents, we thank you for entrusting your boys and girls to the school and for your great support over the past five years, and for many, beyond that. Thank you for supporting your children. Thank you to our admirable and dedicated teachers who have helped you to succeed.

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