The 2021 LRC for De Duine

The 2021 Learner Representative Council (LRC) of the De Duine Secondary School, Narraville was announced on Monday, 22 February.

This year’s chairperson is Thusnelde Korupanda and the vice-chairperson is Deon Muhaind-jumba. Tamlin Damon and Timothy Dick are the Liaison Officers. Jewel Bampton is the Head of Media, and Melanie Brown is Deputy Head of Media.
The rest of the LRC members are: Jaimie-lee Bester, Alia Rossouw, Jade Strauss, Winnich Van Der Colff, Elwiera Willemse, Izaura Schef-fers, Anastacia Strauss, Morientes Izaaks, John Williams, Kedibone Tibinyane, Precious Shee-hama, Allastair Gurirab, Azaria Visagie, Le-reché Meyer, Evano Krohne Tamia Roma, Manuelle Tjipita, Laquescha Damens, Ryan Fransman, Mary Samuel, Richeline Jansen, Keanun Cloete,Lackisha Cotton, Damien Bezuidenhout, Micho Freygang, Elrico Mouton, Leandro Zeelie, Lizaan Steeenkamp, James Ribeiro, Jade-lee De-Wee, Francisco Jansen, Elroi Drotsky, Roberto Lensley and Andreas Nakanyala.

The guardian of the LRC and teacher at De Duine Secondary School, Ms Yolanda Koning said being a leader in these uncertain times speaks of courage, bravada, perseverance and resilience. Ms Koning said, “to the new LRC, we applaud your willingness to accept this massive task in front of you as you have been placed in front of the steer, we believe that you will steer boat even in the roughest of seas with the help of God the management, teachers and your parents.”
Members of the LRC at the school, feel highly honored to be to be elected to steer the De Duine family, ‘where the sun never sets’ to new heights.
This is the most overwhelming school year and one could observe the mixed emotions of excitement and confusion from the learners especially the new grade eights.
They have great plans to make this year memorable for all the learners, teachers, school management and board as well as the parents.
The LRC kicked off its activity calendar with an orientation process for the Grade 8’s, followed by their training camp and a clean-up campaign at the school.

Story by the De Duine media team.

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