The 5th social triathlon

Rudi Bowe

The fifth and final social triathlon was recently held at the Waterfront in Walvis Bay.

A group of local volunteers started a series of social triathlons in May this year with the first of five events at the harbour town. The social triathlons were established for triathlon athletes to practice and for the newbies. Entries for the triathlons are free to all.
The triathlon sprint consisted of a 400 metre swim, 20 km cycle and a 4 km run.
The duathlon consisted of a 5 km run, 20 km cycle and a 2.5 km run.
Children under 16 participated in a 2 km run, 10 km cycle and a 1 km run.
The little ones also had an opportunity to participate in a mini triathlon that consisted of a 150 m swim, 7 km cycle and a 2 km run.
The social triathlons that are sponsored by Herco, Seaworks and OTB sport will give triathlon enthusiasts the opportunity to participate for bigger triathlons in the country.

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