The 800g baby nicknamed “Brave”

Eileen van der Schyff

Born prematurely, George Kandume was given the nickname “Brave” by hospital staff of the Walvis Bay state hospital. And there is no other word to describe this very special baby George. He was born on 4 September, weighing only 800 grams.

Due to the fact that the Windhoek state hospital is not admitting new-born babies below 1kg in weight, staff at the Walvis Bay state hospital has to do the best they can under circumstances.
Brave’s weight first dropped to 650g, but the little fighter soon weighed 750g. When Namib Times visited Brave and his mother Gabriella Kandume on Friday he weighed 810g.
Kandume, George’s mother explained she was at first too scared to touch her little baby. He looked so fragile. But nursing staff promptly got mother and baby to bond by what they call “kangarooing”.
George is kept against his mother’s chest 24/7. This skin to skin bond of mother and baby has saved many premature babies’ lives around the world. Nursing staff helps George’s mother to feed him with a little plastic medicine cup. The little brave boy cannot suck milk yet, as it exhausts him. He takes tiny sips and takes only what he needs.
Georges lungs were also an initial concern but they are developing by the day as he gets stronger and stronger.

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