The B2 coastal road remains dangerous

Eileen van der Schyff

The B2 coastal road remains dangerous, and only proper and safe driving will change this. This became evident once more on Saturday night when two accidents occurred on this stretch of road linking Walvis Bay and Swakopmund.

Dangerous driving in the form of speeding, overtaking on a blind crests and generally inconsiderate driving are the main causes of frequent accidents on the B2.
In the first accident, the driver of a Mazda light vehicle side-swept a Nissan Note as it was overtaking on a blind crest. The driver of the Note lost control of the vehicle and crashed into an oncoming minibus occupied by seven on-duty members of the Namibian Defense Force.
A passenger in the Mazda was miraculously the only person injured and no deaths occurred.
In the second accident, also involving a minibus, an oncoming light sedan vehicle smashed partially head-on into it after swerving into the lane of the minibus. Both vehicles were flung off the road as a result of the force of the collision but neither of the vehicles overturned.
Apart from non-life-threatening injuries to the driver of the sedan, all occupants of the vehicles escaped unscathed.

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