The Dome partners up with MTC

Sharlien Tjambari

The Dome in Swakopmund changed its name from The Dome High Performance Centre to MTC The Dome Namibia after they partnered up with the Mobile Telecommunications Company (MTC). The partnership was revealed on 3 December this year.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Dome, Fanus Engelbrecht said MTC demonstrated its passion for sports by contributing a significant amount of money into the development of sport. “We have everything to take athletes, nurture their talent and create future champions that will have a huge impact on nation building and will inspire the nation”.
The centre is meant to provide intense high-level training for Namibian athletes to better prepare them for competitions. Athletes no longer need to go abroad to prepare for competitions and the centre will be a regional hub that is accessible to international athletes and teams. Engelbrecht said, “a lot of good things will happen here, not only for sports, but also for tourism, so we really are a one stop facility, we are also an events destination.” Engelbrecht’s wish is for this partnership to help them in their efforts to unlock true potential. “This partnership is connecting us to a very blue and bright future.” MTC’s Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affair’s Officer, Tim Ekandjo said the venue has hosted various MTC events, including the Namibian Annual Media Awards (NAMAs) for close to five years. According to Ekandjo, the partnership is not only about sports, but nation-building, which can only mean better things for Namibian athletes. “We need to instill a culture of preparation and building of infrastructure. We expect results but need to prepare before an event starts. It simply does not happen just like that, because whoever you compete against has already prepared in advance. This partnership is important so that we can make The Dome an even better high-performance centre.”

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