The Dome Recognised as HPC

Rudi Bowe

The Namibia Sport Commission (NSC) the regulator of Sport in Namibia recognises The Dome in Swakopmund as a privately owned high-performance centre in Namibia.

The Chief Adminis-trator of the NSC Freddy Mwiya and Chief Executive Office of The Dome Fanus Engelbrecht, in line with Vision 2030 officially signed the memorandum of recognition with last Friday in Swakopmund.
Mwiya said at the sig-ning of the recognition that the endorsement of The Dome as a privately owned high-performance centre will contribute toward the development and empowering of the youth.
Mwiya said “The Dome as a private institution has been recognised long before as a centre that offer high performance services to athletes, so what we as the NSC did is to inform all Namibian and the world that The Dome is a high-class centre with very high standards.”
“We at The NSC would like all world sport bodies and athlete to know the Namibian Government is satisfied and happy with the services that are on offer at The Dome and that we will rate them 8 out of 10 to leave room for improvement” Mwiya said.
According to Mwiya this is the second HPC that the NSC is recognising in the Namibia with the HPC at Windhoek Gym-nasium also a privately owned centre. We the NSC need to support private businesses that would like to invest in sport in the country.
According to the Board Chairman of NAM-SCORE Sports Consultancy Dr Ndeulipula Hamutumwa the recognition of the HPC at The Dome was long overdue.
Dr Hamutumwa said “It is very important for the NSC to provide the necessary support to the privet sector as it is for the private sector to invest in sports.”
Dr Hamutumwa believes that with this relationship between the NSC and The Dome we see more international athletes and team come to Namibia for the preparation for world class event.
“We need to encourage the more private businesses to invest in sports in the country” Dr Hamutumwa said.
The General Manger at The Dome said that they are much exited as this opens the door for The Dome to be recognised internationally and thus help to promote Sports Tourism in the country.
Finkeldey said “I feel elated as this was two years in the making.
“We at The Dome would like to thank every Namibian, all sports Federations and athletes for their support over the years and thus help us to be a HPC and we invite more private companies like Radio Electronics in Walvis Bay through their partnership with Garmin that came onboard” Finkeldey said.

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