The first Indoor Triathlon

Rudy Bowe

The 1st indoor & outdoor triathlon hosted by Biokinetic Rehabilitation Centre in Walvis Bay will be on Saturday 16 March at the Biokinetic Rehabilitation Centre.

Indoor triathlon is a nonstandard variation of the triathlon and consists of three events swimming, cycling and running. The swim is held in an indoor pool, cycling will be done on (own) either mountain bikes or road bikes, and running will be outside on a designated marked route, generally held by a fitness clubs to accommodate all three sports.
All roads are marked and traffic officials are present to ensure safety of all participating athletes. Goody bags will be given to all entrants. Race briefing and goody bag collection will take place today at 13h30.
Guaranteed a day filled with fun and food and drinks that will be on sale at the event.
For more information contact the Biokinetic Rehabilitation Centre at 0817069559, 64220141 or for entries or just general info.
Different categories available to enter:
Advanced: 900m Swim, 30km cycle, 10km run
Standard: 600m swim, 20km cycle, 5km run
Novice: 300m swim, 10km cycle, 2km runs
Geriatrics (60yrs): 90m swim,
5km cycle, 1km walk (using our upright stationary bicycles)
Teens (13-19 yrs): 180m swim, 7km cycle, 2km run
Kids (4-12yrs): 60m swim, 750m cycle, 250m run
Teams: (Advanced & Novice)
Duathlon: 10km run, 20km cycle, 5km run
Entry fee: N$ 150 & (N$ 100 for kids age 4-12)
The other Triathlon dates are:
17 August 2019
23 November 2019

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