The four in head-on collision on B2 identified

The names of four members of the same family, a mother and three of her children, who died in a car crash near Arandis on Monday have been released.

The Namibian Police released the names as: Hilde Antonio Doeses (34), Chansie S Doeses (12-year old girl), Rashida Doeses (9-year old girl) and Oabasen Doeseb (2-year old boy).
Details of the cause of the accident remain sketchy. The police could only confirm it was a head-on collision.
Preliminary reports indicate the driver of a Volkswagen Polo lost control over his vehicle. The vehicle overturned and skid across the tarmac, slam-ming head-on into a red Nissan pick-up. The accident took place about five kilometres east of Arandis at 04:30 on Monday.
The impact was so severe the Polo apparently “rolled” over the pick-up instantly killing the four occupants, who were sitting on the back of the pick-up.
The driver of the Nissan pick-up was identified as Hendrick (Hansie) Doeseb (38), the husband and father of the deceased. Doeseb was seriously injured and is recovering in the Roman Catholic Hospital in Windhoek. Another survivor is 12-year old Shaun Haraseb. The boy was also critically injured and has been admitted to the Cottage Medi-Clinic at Swakopmund.
A baby girl of two months old, Rashika Almira Doeses, survived the accident without injuries and was discharged from the hospital on Mon-day. With her father still in critical condition she was released into the care of her grandmother.
The driver of the Polo, who was the sole occupant, was identified as Leonard Shipopyeni Martin (34). He too is in a critical condition and has also been admitted to the Roman Catholic Hospital in Windhoek.

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