The girl child matter

Rudi Bowe

The Pebble foundation is in place for everyone to contribute and give back to the society and to restore dignity and build confidence to a girl child by providing sanitary pads at Government schools in Namibia.

The founder of the Pebble Foundation Bridget Dundee said to girls of Tutaleni High School and Duinesig Combined School during a special handing over function at the Tutaleni High School in Kuisebmond Walvis Bay that the Pebble Foundation’s drive creates more awareness of girl-child empowerment and that women have always been expected to keep quiet and know their place and that the world is changing and girls need to be able to speak up when required and giving the girls sanitary pads goes a long way in building confidence.

“Too many sanitary pads are cheap and easy to obtain. Yet you will be shocked to learn that many girls do not have access to these basic hygiene products. Menstruation is not a choice. As a girl you are born with it, so we believe handing out sanitary pads should be a human right” Bridget said.

Ms Dundee also mentioned that a girl child that there is no need to be ashamed about menstruating as menstruation isn’t a choice and that One woman’s fight is everyone’s fight.

Dundee also revealed that through generous sponsorship to the value of N$150 000 since March this year the foundation had amassed enough hygiene products to supply to all the schools in the regions for the next three months.

Beverley Khi-Khoeb from the Pebble Foundation said “Now is the time, don’t wait until WE ARE BIG!

“Feed the soul- be kind, care for others and let your light shine as many girls have to stay out of school when they are menstruating and this affects their education and that the world does not need more educated people it needs people who give hope and show kindness and compassion to the less privileged” she added.

Ms Khi-Khoeb mentioned that the Pebble Foundation team has donated sanitary pads to schools in Windhoek, Gobabis, Lüderitz and Rosh Pinah and know Walvis Bay and that there are still a few schools that will receive sanitary pads.

The award-winning artist Ann Singer that is the brand ambassador of the Pebble Foundation encouraged the learners to stay in school and give their best and that they need to study for the exams.

Principal of Tutaleni High Vicente Gideon said that not all girls have access to sanitary pads due to their circumstances and are therefore forced to use various materials to soak the menstrual blood,

“Research has showed that some girls miss school because they do not feel comfort-able during the day and stay home instead” Gideon added.

The Principal mentioned that various initiatives have been implemented to change this in Namibia until the Pebble Foundation was promoted to embark on a charity drive aimed at alleviating the need for sanitary pads for the girl child aged 14-19 at Government school.

Mr Gideon said, “we are humbled by your gesture and accept this donation with humility and that God bless the Pebble Foundation and plea to all companies and business in Namibia to support the Foundation as they will support the girl child in Namibia”.

The Pebble Foundation thank all the individuals and companies in Namibia who contributed for supporting the charity ideals of the Foundation and that you need to continue to support the empowerment of the girl child and small acts of kindness that build a legacy for growth and development.


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