The Jetty Mile

The Jetty Mile is hosted by OTB Sport will be on Tuesday 27 December

The race will start at 15h30 at Tiger Reef. Participants will swim past the Jetty and finish is in front of the event tent erected on Main Beach at The Mole.

The swim route will be marked with buoys and participants will be informed of swim route prior to the start of the event. The distance of the Full event is approximately one mile (around 1.9km)

Entries can be done online and will close December
Jetty Mile: N$200 (approx. mile open water sea swim from Tiger Reef to the Mole)
Sprint: N$180 (approx. 600m swim in the Mole)

Kiddies Fun Swim: (approx. 150m swim in the Mole.)

N$20 medal but no t-shirt
N$110 with event t-shirt
No prizes for position but medal for each finisher
Collection of numbered cap and event t-shirt needs to be collected on Tuesday 27 December from 10h00 to 12h00 at OTB Sport Swakopmund

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