The Lockdown put into perspective

The lockdown put into perspective: the public of Erongo needs to understand the following: This is a partial lockdown. Your risk to contract the Coronavirus (Covid-19) has a direct relation to people movement. If you travel a lot or move around a lot outside the confines of your home, you are more exposed than the person who prefers to stay at home, work from home and prevent crowded places as much as possible.

Your businesses are not forced to close. However, it is every business owner’s patriotic duty to ensure as far as possible that people work from home. Limiting people’s movement in this way will help to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The desired situation is for people to work from home and in doing so remain productive. It is every person’s moral and patriotic duty to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (stay at home); remain productive (work from home) and ensure their employers’ best interest is still kept at heart.
People who are essential in the continuation of a business’s operations are allowed to work and shall not be hindered to travel between home and work. However, these workers must also adhere to the same rules as other people when he or she is not on duty and at home.
It is also essential that traveling between towns are discouraged as far as possible. People movement and risk of contracting the Coronavirus goes hand in hand. You will not be able to travel outside the borders of Erongo as the partial lockdown means Erongo’s people cannot have physical contact with residents of any other region.
Equally, people must stay committed to social distancing. Apart from traveling only when necessary, scale down activities. Conduct essential shopping and return home. Practice social distancing by absolutely limiting gatherings either at home (inviting friends over) or in public places (bars, shebeens and other places of recreation).
In instances where you have to go into public, ensure to maintain a safe distance between yourself and the next person. Hygiene is important. Wash your hands regularly, eat healthy, use a mouth wash regularly. A solution of water and salt is adequate. Drink water and prevent excessive alcohol intake, as it inhibits the immune system.
It is also not necessary to engage in panic shopping. Shops stay open and shelves will remain stocked. The import of goods will continue.
Don’t fall prey to criminals. Criminals often use these circumstances to scam people out of their money, trying to gain access to home by pretending to be health officials etc. Also, refrain from sharing false news or inaccurate information with regard to Covid-19 on social media. Use official news sources as your frame of reference and adhere to official documents like brochures etc. of the health authority, the Namibian Police etc.

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