The Machine Gun Preacher Sam Childers in Walvis Bay this coming weekend – be there!

Sam Childers, a missionary from Southern Sudan or better known as the man who was the inspiration for the movie The Machine Gun Preacher, is in Walvis Bay next week to inspire Christians in their commitment to God and God’s Word despite the hardships and brutality of civil war and armed conflicts.

Childers will be delivering a public talk at the Walvis Bay Civic Centre at 19:00 (9 November). Entry is free, although any donations would be welcomed.
After Walvis Bay, Childers will be traveling to several other venues across Namibia to deliver his message..
Childers grew up in the hills of Pennsylvania. He was a troubled teen and later became involved in the drug trade. His life was on a downward spiral and he became an armed guard for drug dealers.
He met Lynn, a stripper who later became his wife. Childers became increasingly aware of the fact his risky lifestyle could mean his end. He became involved in the construction industry, but continued a lifestyle of drugs and alcohol.
Lynn resolved her life with God and returned to the church.
Through the church and his background in construction Childers became involved in a project in South Sudan to rebuild and repair huts of civilians caught in the ills of the country’s bloody civil war.
Having witnessed the atrocities Childers pledged to God he would do whatever it takes to help the people of this war-torn country. He returned to South Sudan with a mobile clinic. Then followed an orphanage that is the biggest in Southern Sudan today as well as other mercy work.
His passion to deliver his pledge to God’s cause led to Childers leading armed groups in Southern Sudan to rescue children kidnapped and held by the armed group LRA. It earned him the nickname Machine Gun Preacher.
Come and hear this incredible story.

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