The people have spoken

The Governor of Erongo, Cllr Neville Andre, in his keynote address at the swearing in of the Erongo Regional Council on Wednesday praised voters for peaceful and orderly conduct at the polls on 25 November. The Governor also called for cooperation beyond party political pickets.

“Namibians have spoken”, added Governor Andre. Referring to the election results which not only dramatically changed the political landscape in Erongo Region, but also several other of the country’s fourteen regions.
Following the amendment of the Regional Governor Amendment Act in 2010, the Governor of each region is not selected by the regional councils any more, but are direct appointments of the Namibian President.
It is expected Andre’s future reign as Governor of Erongo will require the biblical wisdom of King Solomon. The Governor now has to deal with a regional council ruled by a ruling coalition (IPC and UDF) and no more a Swapo “rubber stamp” regional council.

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