The pigeon must have walked with it

Eileen van der Schyff

A Swakopmund resident contacted the Namib Times with her own interesting mail story which makes it appear that the NamPost service/delivery woes are not restricted to Walvis Bay alone.

“I collected an envelope on 6 May that arrived from friends of mine in Australia. It contained a Calendar”, the resident told the Namib Times and explained the journey of the envelope according to the official stamps on the envelope: “The envelope was posted in Perth, Australia by Air Mail on 4 January 2019. It arrived in Windhoek on 6 March 2019 (Obviously stopped over for a bit of a holiday in South Africa) and then it arrived in Swakopmund on 2 May 2019.”
The post office in Swakopmund charged her with N$17 for hand-ling fees. “There was definitely ‘no service with a smile’”, she said and jokingly exclaimed that her father would probably have laughed and said, “the pigeon must have walked with it”.
This feedback was received after the publication of an article in the Namib Times edition of 6 May after a business man provided photos of mail heaping up in the back office of the Walvis Bay post office.

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