The year that was for NKF

This past year has been a good year for the Namibian Kickboxing Federation (NKF) both locally, nationally and internationally.

The students that are affiliated thru their clubs did the NKF and the country proud during 2018 at National and International competitions. The Fede-ration made history as some of their students were the first Africans to compete in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Brazil where they won international titles.
The NKF students participated in the following international competition;
UAEJJF Pro National Championship on 3 and 4 February in South Africa -1 Gold, 1 Bronze and two 4th places,
African Continental Games from 27-29 April in Botswana – won 13 Gold, 8 Silver and 7 Bronze.
Battle of Atlanta World Championship on 16 and 17 June in the USA – won three1stand one 2nd places.
Azambuja International Jiu Jitsu Championshipson 22 June in Brazil – won two 1stplaces.
International Gladiator Jiu-Jitsu Championships on 24 June in Brazil – won one 2nd and one 3rd places.
Destiny, 29 & 30 September in South Africa – won 6 Gold, 9 Silver and 7 Bronze madels.
UAEJJF Pro National Jiu-Jitsu Championship on 1and 2 December in South Africa – won 2 Gold and two x 5 places.
The NFK hosted Desert Storm II their annual National Qualifier & Title Fights Championships on 28and 29 September in Walvis Bay.
The National Long term development plan of the NKF is to reach out to all areas (especially rural areas) of Namibia to develop all students to the best of their abilities and to send more students to national and international competitions to expose them to scenarios regarding the sport. We would like to give each student of all the clubs the opportunity to participate in as many competitions as possible. The NKF plan to reach out to all areas of Namibia and to all races, ages and genders through development as has been done in the past. Much development has been done by the NKF in rural and all areas, especially before examinations to motivate youth and motivational speeches were done on a regular basis by members of the NKF.
The NKF has a shortage of coaches as it takes approximately 5-6 years to train an instructor/coach in Kickboxing.
The NKF (Namibia Kickboxing Federation) is currently registered in the Erongo (Walvis Bay and Swakopmund) and Khomas (Windhoek). We are committed to expand the sport to as many regions as possible. Three new clubs, Warrior Code MMA & Kickboxing Club, Kuyhosh in and Elite Defence Academy in Tsumeb has shown interest to register with the Federation.
The number of athletes currently registered to the NKF has grown expo-nentially with a Gender Balance of 60% Male, 40% Female 40% and 10% with a disabilities. The aim of NKF to reach out even further in future to accommodate more students and clubs. We are having a program in place to teach Self-Defence in schools, abused woman and disabled members of the communities in the country.
Club structure and figures:
Combat Club Windhoek: 30 members / 1 coach
Swakopmund Fight Club: 50 members/ 3coach
Namibia RCFAI & Kickboxing Academy: 105 members / 2 coaches
Warrior Code MMA & Kickboxing Club: 17 members / 2 coaches
Walvis Bay Sport Martial arts Club: 78 members /3 coaches
The NKF is affiliated to the World Organisation of Kickboxing (WAKO) that is recently being recognised as a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). We at the NKF are with the rest of the member countries of WAKO very happy for the decision made by the IOC.
The NKF board and management would like to wish the Sport Ministry, the Namibian Sport Commission, the IOC, WAKO board, all sport men and woman, all their sponsors and all the affiliated member with their families a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2019.

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