The young servant of God

Rudi Bowe

Reverend Mercedy Benz was born on 16 January 1992 in Windhoek with a heart decease. She is the youngster from two girls of Josef and Anna “Annetjie” Benz. In 1995 at a tender age of 6 month she received a Heart bypass.

At the age of 2 she moved with her parents to Walvis Bay where she grow up like any other girl. After finishing Grade twelve at Duneside High School in Walvis Bay she took a break from studying and attained herself a work and also obtain-ed a counseling certificate from Philippi Trust in Windhoek.
It was never in her dreams to become a servant of God but on a Sunday morning in January 2014 a few days after her 22nd birthday she got avocation from God, to be His servant and follow in the steps of retired Rev Johannes M Benz the eldest brother of her father and her cousin Rev Timoteus J Benz from the Rhenish Church in Rehoboth Namibia as well as the steps of the eldest brother of her mother, retired Pastor Karl J Diergaart from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia.
A week later she was a student at Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary (NETS) in Windhoek where her road to be-come a reverend star-ted.
“This was the start of a very difficult four years in my life as I went in and out of the hospital. It was so bad that I did not write my third year final exams, but God was there all the time and He help me to graduate and to be where I am today” she said.
On 9 February 2019 Mercedy became the youngest of 5 women Reverends of the Rhenish Church in Namibia as she was ordained in Narraville Wal-vis Bay and become the Reverend of the Rhenish Church in Narraville. This was a dream come true. When she received the calling she ask God that when she finish her studies she would like to be at the congregation where she started her Christian life. She said that she would like to plough back to the church in Narraville and due to her medical condition.
Her message to all the young women and men is “never under estimate the Word of God and how He can use you to spread His word and that you are never too old or young to be a servant of God. It is so wonderful to be in the service of God and to be His child.

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