Theft and violence

Eileen van der Schyff

Uncle arrested for oral sex with a minor nephew

A 38-year-old was arrested and was set to appear in the Magistrates Court of Usakos yesterday after he sexually violated his 11-year-old nephew while alone with the boy at his flat.
The incident happened on 23 March at Usakos. Police in the Erongo Region confirmed the arrest.

Three arrested for illegal hunting

Four suspects face charges of Illegal hunting after they entered private farms in the Oma-ruru district and hunted an Oryx valued at N$ 5 000.
The four suspects also face Trespassing and Possession of game meat without a permit.
The suspects tracks were followed, which led to the arrest of three of the four suspects. They were found with the oryx carcass/meat at their houses at Ondama village in the Omatjete area. Nangoi Mbiundjamuje (39) Ludwig Kambombo (33) and Eliaser Tjiombe (21) appeared in the Omaruru Magistrates court on Monday this week.

In another incident a 59-year-old suspect faces charges of stock theft after he was arrested for stealing a goat valued at N$ 1 500 at the Omururu Town Land-Farm grazing area. The suspect slaughtered the goat and took the meat.

Stolen cell phone recovered in Zambia

A stolen cell phone of a complainant was found in Zambia and was returned to its rightful owner after Marcello Willem grabbed the phone from the complainant and ran away.
The incident happened at Kuisebmond’s Parks Lounge a week ago.
Willem was arrested and appeared in the Magistrates Court in Walvis Bay. Willem was not given bail.

Mondesa woman wanted for arson

A Mondesa woman who set fire to her 55-year-old boyfriend’s ghetto is still at large and police are trying to locate her for her arrest.
The incident happened on Saturday, 20 March. Contents to the value of N$90 000 were destroy-ed.

Hits man with brick- steals his cell phone, wallet and chain

A case was postponed for further investigation after George Moses hit a man with a brick and fled with a Samsung A5 cellphone, a silver chain and a brown wallet.
The total value of the items amounts to N$4 950. None of the stolen items have been recovered yet. The incident happened in Kuisebmond.

Four arrested in Theft out of a vehicle at the Port

All four suspects in a theft out of motor vehicle charge, reported by the Port Police, appeared at the Walvis Bay Magistrate Court. The case was postponed to 14 May for further investigation. The suspects were not granted bail.
The incident happened at the Immigration office area. Marilena Bosch (29), a German National fell victim to the thugs and lost a gray backpack,a black Sonly Alpha camera, a Amor cellphone, a pair of sunglasses, two German passports, and cash of N$2 000. The total value of all goods stolen is N$16 000. Bosch explained the suspects opened the vehicle, reached inside, grabbed what they could and fled away in a getaway car. None of the goods have been recovered yet, the four suspects were arrested as follows:
Lasarus Iiyambo, 28 years of age
Tomas Petrus, 34 years of age
Timoteus Alweendo, 34 years of age
Titus Uugwanga, 28 years of age

Cellphone of taxi victim recovered

Mondesa: Investigations continues after Immanuel Vatilifa (20), grabbed a cellphone valued at N$4 400 and N$600 in cash from a taxi driver while he was sitting inside the taxi.
Vatilifa grabbed the goods through an open window of the taxi and fled the scene. Only the cellphone was recovered.

Stolen cellphone recovered

21-Year-old Denzil Britz appeared in the Swakopmund Magistrates Court after he forcefully took a Samsung cellphone and a Huawei media pad from a 16-year-old boy at Mondesa on Friday last week.
Only the cellphone has been recovered.

Car overturns near Usakos

A man faces a charge of Reckless and/or Negligent driving after he lost control of the vehicle he was driving causing it to overturn on the B2 road near Usakos early on Monday morning of this week.
According to police in the Erongo Region, the 27-year-old man sustained back injuries when he allegedly lost control of the white Volkswagen Jetta he was driving, causing the vehicle to overturn. The accident happened approximately 50km from Usakos.

12-Year-old boy raped by uncle

A 12-year-old boy informed one of his close relatives his uncle raped him when he had to share a room with his uncle when he traveled to Omatjete to attend a funeral on Saturday, 20 March.
The boy had to sleep in the same room as his uncle and when he was told the next night to go sleep in the same room again, the boy refused and informed his relative about what had happened. The suspect was arrested and was set to appear in the Omaruru Magistrates

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