Theft of dogs at alarming levels

Press Statement

The prevalence of the theft of dogs from owners’ premises at Swakopmund prompted the local S.P.C.A. this week to warn the coastal public about this crime which is regarded as on the increase and reaching alarming levels.

The Swakopmund branch of the S.P.C.A. in a statement warns: “Dog theft is real. It is happening on a regular basis with an alarming increase in recent weeks. It is alleged that a syndicate is using children to steal dogs either while owners are asleep at night or away from their homes during the day. We’ve had 3 reported cases this past week, luckily 2 dogs were found by their owners and kind assistance from the police. Both owners opened cases of theft at Nampol against the culprits.
These 2 kids are well known for stealing dogs and according to their confession the puppy was intended to be shipped to Angola for dog fighting. They were arrested last night after they were caught with the puppy, but later released. They are swift and the dogs are hidden at various unknown locations, especially in Mondesa until they can be transported to Angola or other areas. Breeds such as Pitt Bulls, Staffies, Rottweilers, Boerboels and German Shepherds are especially at risk of being stolen, big or small and more so if they are not neutered/spayed. However, let this not put you at ease if you don’t own one of these breeds, any dog or cat is at risk as they are used as bait for training.
It is also a fact that our pets are stolen and sold, sometimes for as little as N$50, just to make a quick buck to put food on the table. Please be vigilant when it comes to your pets and keep them safe.
∙ Do not leave puppies alone outside when you are not home.
∙ Please put padlocks on your gates and make sure your dog or dogs cannot get out of your premises.
∙ Microchip your pets for easy identification.
∙ Spay and neuter pets.
∙ Report any strangers or unusual movements in your neighbourhood to NHW 085 999, these guys are doing a terrific job for our community, please consider becoming a member as well to support them.
∙ If you suspect your pet has been stolen, report it to the SPCA, NAMPOL and NHW.
∙ Put posters up and don’t stop searching.

  • When you do find your dog and suspect, open a case at Nampol, do not just leave it there!! Also inform the SPCA.
    ∙ Talk to and get to know your neighbours and their pets.
    ∙ If you have any information about stolen dogs, please contact the SPCA, confidentiality guaranteed, we do not reveal our sources.

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