Thieves target Miss Namibia

What was supposed to be a special day-trip for Suné January, Miss Namibia 2017, visiting the coast turned sour for her on Monday when she fell victim to a smash-and-grab incident.

January travelled to Walvis Bay along with her grandmother, younger sister and cousins on Monday for the day. Whilst in the harbour town, they also drove through to Dune 7. Upon their return to Swakopmund, they stopped north of Langstrand on the dirt road that leads in the direction of Patrysberg.

They were travelling in her official vehicle, which is branded “Miss Namibia”. They walked to the water. Upon their return they discovered to their shock the vehicle’s driver’s window was smashed. It was clearly a smash-and-grab incident which now has become a frequent occurance between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund.

The culprits managed to get away with Januarys’ grandmother’s handbag and wallet. January drove to the police station at Aphrodite Beach, but to their further dismay the station was closed. This forced them to rush through to Walvis Bay with splinters of glass all over the interior of her car, and this with three children. After reporting the matter to the police, January received a phone call to inform her that the stolen bag had been found with all the contents including documents and medication, except the cash of course. A child was allegedly found in possession of the handbag in Kuisebmond, stating that their mother requested for it to be thrown next to the main road.

The increase of similar incidents in and around the coastal towns, that with the general rise in criminal activities, has residents worried especially ahead of the festive season. The frequency of crime, commonly directed at tourists and other visitors, puts the coastal towns in a bad light and evidently has a negative effect on the tourism industry.

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