Thirteen year-old raped in coastal public toilet

Teen dies after flung from car: thirteen-year-old girl endured horrifying moments at the Kuisebmond Beach in Walvis Bay shortly after midnight Monday, when she was raped at knifepoint at a public toilet only a short distance from where members of her family were enjoying themselves.

The incident, coupled with a nineteen-year- old man that died after been flung from a rolling vehicle on the road behind the dune belt is sending warn-ing lights flickering to parents to intervene and supervise their children’s holiday ac-tivities.

The warning was made yesterday by Namibian Police spokesperson in Erongo, Detective Chief Inspector Eras-tus Iikuyu. There are places under-aged chil-dren cannot be left un-supervised and parents should be informed of where their children go when engaging in holiday activities.

With regard to the rape incident, the perpetrator first held the girl at gun-point and searched her for valuables. He then continued to carry out the rape. The perpetrator remains at large.

Only hours earlier on Sunday evening, nineteen year old Elrico Witbooi was flung from a vehicle overturning. The incident took place on the C28 east of the dune belt. Witbooi and four others were travelling in a Suzuki Alto from Swakopmund to Walvis Bay when he lost control and overturned the vehicle. He did not have a drivers license.

Passengers in the vehicle escaped with minor injuries.


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