This plot was used to hide cannabis parcels

The Swakopmund Town Council has decided to sell a big property located along the Henties Bay road after the police has deemed it a high-crime area. The triangular erf located diagonally across the Atlantic High School is zoned as a public open space and has been an eyesore due to excessive littering for many years.

Criminal activities in the Swakopmund suburb Vineta will certainly be hampered once the property in question will be developed. Town Council decided that it intends to offer Erf 2226 measuring 3 923m² to the two private companies, Blake One Properties Development and SEGO Investments, by private transaction. Both entities wish to develop the property.
The erf is a haven for criminals – a fact that was highlighted by the Namibian Police. In a letter sent to the municipality in June this year the police describes the property as being a “stumbling block for the Crime Prevention Unit.” “It is the recommendation of the Namibian Police that you close this erf as it cannot be used in future as a recreational space because of the many complaints that we receive regularly from the neighbours and the public,” the letter reads, signed by Station Commander Inspector Aebeb.
According to Aebeb there were a number of cases reported at the police regarding the property in question. Amongst others criminals use the space to hide or to run across after stealing something in Vineta. “This space was used to hide dagga parcels,” he states. The police also notes that the property has become a public toilet, while young people use the space for party activities and vandalism. “We receive so many complaints and it is difficult for the Namibian Police to monitor the erf, because our resources are very limited,” Inspector Aebeb writes.
During the recent Town Council meeting it was decided that the property be offered for sale once various statutory processes have been completed. It will be offered to Blake One Properties Development and SEGO Investments. Blake One intends to develop “Middle High Income Town House” on the erf. Blake One applied for the erf in a letter signed by David Momoje. Even though SEGO Investments, being represented by the member Ambrosius Marsh, was also interested in the property, the company has now stated otherwise. In a letter sent by Marsh to the municipality in August this year he states that “we have lost hope” (sic) and do not want to buy the erf anymore.

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