Three accidents over the weekend

Accidents remain a serious issue in Walvis Bay, especially on weekends and month end. Drivers seem to disregard their safety and the safety of other road users more and more, with accidents occurring more frequently.

An accident was reported on Friday evening between Afrodite Beach and the Walvis Bay road block involving four vehicles. Apparently two taxis towing each other were struck from behind by two other taxis, all travelling towards Walvis Bay. The cause of the accident remains unclear, but according to an eyewitness account it appears that speed seems to have been a contributing factor involving nine people in total, of which all received medical attention at the scene before being transported to the Walvis Bay State Hospital for further medical attention.
Injuries reported were less serious and minor respectively. Apparently one of the injured were later transferred to Windhoek for specialist care and treatment.
Another accident on Friday evening was reported approximately 20kms from Swakopmund towards Henties Bay. A sedan vehicle apparently lost control on the salt road and overturned numerous times. Both occupants of the vehicle sustained minor injuries. The driver received medical attention at the scene before being transported to the Swakopmund Medi-Clinic for further care. It was reported that the second occupant apparently left the scene before the arrival of emergency and essential services to the scene.
Another accident occurred near a local steakhouse in Walvis Bay on Saturday evening, 2 June, when the driver attempted to make a u-turn and drove right into the building of a security company. The driver left the scene of the accident, but was tracked down by Monday morning. The driver may face charges of reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident.

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