Three attackers still at large

The three men who allegedly assaulted and robbed an 80-year old lady in broad daylight in her home in Vineta last Wednesday remains at large. and escaped with her wallet and a watch have not been apprehended yet.
The suspects brutally assaulted the pensioner in her own home in Flamingo Street. The victim, who celebrated her 80th birthday the day before opted to stay anonymous. Although already named by other media, namib times will honour her request for the sake of her safety.
When namib times visited her in her home the elderly victim’s face was still bruised and swollen. Two large cuts on her right cheek were covered with a plaster. Her shirt was still bloodstained and her feet were also swollen and blue.
According to her she was busy in her backyard hanging up clothes, when suddenly three men stood in front of her. The time was about 11:30 in the morning. “I asked them what they are doing here, as it is not their property and they said they are looking for their ball,” she said. She replied saying there is no ball, and then things took a sudden turn for the worse.
The men grabbed her, pulled her into her house and dragged her into her shower. But the culprits did not stop there. They tied her up and continued to beat and kick the defenseless women mercilessly. “I guess they ran off because I did not stop screaming,” she said. They grabbed her wallet and ripped her watch from her arm. That was all they took after putting the old lady through the nightmare.
Deputy Commissioner Ottilie Kashuupulwa, regional crime investigations co-ordinator for Erongo confirmed yesterday that the men are still at large and the police search for them continues. The suspects were caught on a security camera (picture).

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