Three Chinese injured during freak accident at Sandwich Harbour

Three Chinese nationals sustained serious and minor injuries respectively after they were involved in a freak accident on Saturday afternoon in the dunes south of Walvis Bay. The tourists were sitting in a stationary vehicle which rolled down a dune.

The incident was confirmed by deputy commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, police regional crime investigations coordinator for Erongo. According to Iikuyu a total of six Chinese tourists were on a tour to Sandwich Harbor when the unfortunate incident occurred. The tour guide, who was driving a Nissan Patrol vehicle, parked the car on top of a dune in the vicinity of Sandwich Harbor about 30 kilometers from Walvis Bay. “While on top of a dune three Chinese together with the driver got out of the vehicle to take photos while the other three Chinese nationals remained in the car,” Iikuyu said.
The car suddenly started moving down the dune and apparently overturned once it reached the bottom. During the incident one Chinese tourist panicked and jumped out of the moving vehicle, while the other remained inside. Mrs Zheng Meimei (36) sustained serious back injuries, Mrs lin Yane (41) sustained minor injuries and Mrs lu Yadan (56) sustained serious face injuries. Both St Gabriel Ambulance Service and E-Med Rescue 24 assisted the injured before transporting all to the Welwitschia Hospital in Walvis Bay for further treatment.

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