Three days of mourning for the late Fidel Castro

The Namibian Government will host a memorial service on Tuesday for the late Fidel Castro, leader of the Cuban Revolution and the former President of that country who died at the age of 90 on 25 November.

Three days of mourning for the late Fidel Castro starts in Namibia today until Tuesday after the memorial service at the Parliament Gardens in Windhoek.
Namibia’s Head Of State Dr Hage Geingob paid a tribute to the late Fidel Castro.

Namibian Presidents all attended the funeral of late revolutionary, Fidel Castro in Havana, Cuba. Current President, Hage Geingob, was one of the few world leaders who was given the opportunity to speak at the final goodbye of the former Cuban President.

Namibia and Cuba has always had a special bond, Castro had a hand in Namibia’s Independence. When Africa was a battleground between the Cold War powers, Cuba emerged as a friend of liberation movements. Cuba’s involvement in Africa went beyond the ideological standoff between right and left to a real helping hand: sending soldiers, doctors and teachers when post-colonial Africa was perhaps at its most vulnerable.
“It was at a SWAPO camp in Cassinga, Southern Angola where racist South African military forces launched a brutal attack on defenseless Namibian women and children in exile. The first responders to this scene of brutality and death were the gallant Cuban forces who came to our rescue. It was in our defence in which Cuban soldiers lost their lives and limbs. After the attack, Cuba was the first country to provide education facilities at the Island of Youth for three thousand (3 000) surviving children of the Cassinga massacre.”
“The legacy of Fidel is an eternally burning flame that will continue to inspire and ignite the passion of progressive forces of the world as we fight for economic justice and the realization of an equitable world order. May his revolutionary spirit consume all of us so we may continue to resist neo colonialism and remain united in. Hasta la victoria siempre!”

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