Three thugs who targeted tourist to be sentenced on Thursday

Floris Steenkamp

The three thugs who were convicted last week for the burglary out of a tourist’s vehicle at the Walvis Bay lagoon will hear their fate on Thursday.

Herold Ipinge (29), Ian Harding (26) and Junior Immanuel (28) were arrested on 13 October this year, hours after they broke into a South African tourist’s vehicle which was parked near the Flamingo Villas hotel in Kovambo Nujoma Drive. A nearby close circuit television system recorded them driving off in a black vehicle.

Hours later, thanks to outstanding work by the Namibian Police, four suspects were nabbed. It was Ipinge, Harding, Immanuel and a certain Werner Iyambo (29).
Iyambo was acquitted of the charge against him last week, but his newfound freedom was of a very short nature. He was immediately arrested again for outstanding warrants of arrest for two other crimes elsewhere in Namibia to which he is linked.
The trio were supposed to be sentenced yesterday, but it was postponed yesterday to 25 October (Thursday).

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