Thugs arrested minutes after robbing a tourist

Floris Sreenkamp


Walvis Bay: Two men who overpowered and robbed a European tourist at a public toilet at the Walvis Bay lagoon yesterday were arrested minutes after the crime was committed. Their two co-accomplices are still on the run, but their identities are known and the police believe their arrest is imminent.

A tourist couple wanted to make use of a public toilet near the lagoon yesterday. The husband entered the public toilet and four men followed him in where they overpowered and robbed him.
They ran to a silver Toyota Yaris and sped off. People who saw what happened notified the Police. The Police broadcasted the information to the different law enforcement radio profiles and soon the traffic department picked it up.
As traffic officer Divai was listening to the radio the Yaris passed him from the front in Union

Street from the direction of 5th Road. He turned a round and gave chase and caught up with the vehicle.
Three people jumped out and ran away. Officer Divai arrested the driver. Soon traffic officers Fabianus Ihemba and Victor Shatipamba responded, followed by all the other traffic officers, members of the Police and also fire brigade officials who also responded to the radio message.
The tourist couple already yesterday provided their statements to the Police. The two thugs will make a first appearance in the Walvis Bay magistrate’s court today. See related article on page 4.

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