Thugs target Domestic workers going to and from work

Thugs are reportedly ambushing domestic workers crossing the B2 coastal road between Kuisebmond and Narraville daily, robbing them of their cell phones, cash and even food. Several of the domestic workers who fell victim says in the event they don’t have any valuables with them, they are physically assaulted as a way of “punishing” them.

“There is a significant number of people of Kuisebmond employed in Narraville as domestic assistants. Every morning on their way to work or in the afternoons on their way back home, thugs are ambushing them in the dunes next to the B2 coastal road. The attacks occur in the area between the welcoming sign of Walvis Bay on the B2 and the pedes-trian crossing”, a very angry employer said this week.
“These workers are robbed on an almost daily basis. In the morning the thugs target cell phones, cash and other valuables. In the afternoon they not only target valuables, but even food an employer might be sending home with their domestic assistants.
Taxi money and any other form of valuables are taken and when the victim has nothing to give, they are assaulted with the fist and with knobkieries

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