Time change yet to take effect at municipality

Walvis Bay residents could not help to chuckle yesterday and just shake heads, when the siren sounded at 14:00 to announce the lunch hour. It was obvious someone slipped up to change the siren’s time setting to summer time, after time change on Sunday.
“Hopefully they get it right tomorrow”, a pedestrian said smiling and shaking his head.
A call to the municipal offices confirmed “the slip” occurred as the siren’s time had not been adjusted yet. “We have to adjust the time, as the siren is pre-programmed and goes off automatically based on the time-set fed into its system”. An official said the time would have been adjusted yesterday. Today it should be sounding on time.
The siren is sounded once at 13:00 every week day to announce the lunch hour. The siren is also instrumental in alerting the fire brigade of a fire, when the siren is sounded three times by hitting a button located at the charge office of the Walvis Bay police station.
∙Sunday marked the end of an era for Namibia when the annual time change took place for the last time. Since 1994 Namibia adjusts to winter time every first Sunday of April and back to summer time on the first Sunday of September. A recent adoption of a new time act to replace the current Time Act of 1994 abolished winter time all together.

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